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On the following pages you will find a collection of Walt Disney Comics that I am selling collected over the last 50+ years. Most comics post-decimal (1966 onward) range from $1 to $10 with most being $2 to $8. I have multiple copies of many comics and the same issue can cost between $1 (Poor) up to $12

(Mint) depending on condition. Local W.G. issues are slightly dearer up to $15 for Mint. Specific issue numbers can be searched but please note that the Pre-Decimals  (W.G.Publications) have a 0 or 00 prefix (e.g.D003) to keep comics in numerical order and are priced at auction prices.

Unfortunately most Australian issue comics (printed by W.G. Publications) are usually in poorer condition than American issued comics due to the cheap paper (almost toilet paper) used compared to American imports that normally had glossy covers and far superior quality paper pages. This makes Very Good condition Australian issues far harder to find than their American equivalents.

I have listed a number of Australian comics (W.G. Publications) that are in poor condition, torn covers etc. (part of a large collection I bought) that have intact stories if that is all that is required. They are cheap at $1 and I thought I would make them available rather than bin them. Also the comics look far better in the flesh due to the harsh white light I used to photograph them.

Also listed are pre-decimal (Pre-1966) comics (6d, 9d, 1/- and 2/-) which are the only ones I still collect. Included are many rare and hard to find issues like early 6d ONE SHOT (OS), CHARACTER ISSUES (CI) and JUMBO (J) Series. As few collections of pre-decimal comics come on the marketplace this is a great opportunity to fill gaps in your collection.

PLEASE NOTE:  Where Tear Repairs have been made it is by using expensive Transparent Archivel Repair Tape (German) on inside as used by Museums to repair old books. Also some of the comics have raggy or uneven looking edges due to the black background used which has seeped into mainly the top and bottom edges of some of the comics making them look raggy.

   For information on ordering, postage and payment details please look at my How to Order page